Get Happy Healthy Empowered

Get Happy, Healthy & Empowered      The Mini-Course is a 7-day action plan to get you…… unstuck, inspired  and moving towards your kick-ass life.

The Mini-Course is a 7-day action plan to get you…… unstuck, inspired  and moving towards your kick-ass life.

Do you find yourself in a perpetual rut?Does it feel like Groundhog Day over and over again?Do you feel trapped in…the same old thing?feeling depressed? your old life? Girlfriend…YOU are entitled to more!  A life that rocks! Kick the blahs to the curb. It’s time to put YOU first!Let’s Get You Happy, Healthy & Empowered™  in just seven days.That’s just one week to a new you and a whole new outlook on life.Here’s the super cool details…Day 1: How Are You Feeling?I know you’re probably like most women… you put everyone else first… leaving you at the bottom of the list. And you’re starting to feel like to it too.After Day 1… You’ll walk away with a plan to get your health in-check.

Day 2: When Was the Last Time You Said YES to YOU?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Is that your favorite word? Except you seem to be telling everyone else yes and not yourself. And frankly, you’re tired of being on every committee,  volunteering for every open position, yada, yada, yada.After day 2… You’ll start saying yes to YOU!

Day 3: What  Happened To Your Creativity?

Like most women, I bet you can never seem to shut it off?  Relaxing… what’s that?  Did you know that getting your creativity on may be just what you need to finally enjoy some down time.After day 3… You’ll stop “enjoying” that glass of wine at the end of the day and relax the healthy way, by getting your creativity on!$49.00Day 4: What Stuff Do You Play Over and Over?

Women are the worst at this. Why do you continue to beat yourself up over stuff that you can never change?  Stop that today!After day 4… You will let the crap go, so you can finally move forward.

Day 5: Do You Invest in You?

Does it feel like you’re repeating the same day… over and over again. It feels like you are never going to reach those amazing goals you have written down in your fancy journal, because nothing ever changes.After day 5… You’ll have a customized “investing in you” plan of action,  that will get you on the road to reaching your goals.

Day 6: Have You Accepted Your New Normal?

Life can really throw lemons at you, turning your world upside down. As long as you stay stuck in your “before”, you’ll never create your “after.”After day 6… You’ll say goodbye to the past and move to the present.

Day 7: What Gifts Do you Have?

Don’t let your life leave you feeling like a victim. Kick that mindset to the curb. Your life has given you so many gifts to appreciate and even share with the world.After day 7… You will  be excited about your new future!  Woohoo!

When you purchase Get Happy, Healthy and Empowered…

You’ll  get access to all the videos and worksheets immediately. So you can get started right away on changing your life. Be the super hero of your life!

And guess what?  You can use these tools over and over again for the rest of your life! How cool is that! Here’s what else you need to know…

To get the most out of the course, you should plan on spending at least 30 minutes a day watching the videos and completing the worksheets. Remember…You are investing and creating a powerful… new you!$49.00P.S.  You’ll get your very own JigSawBox account.  My gift to you.  It’s what I use with my VIP clients. You can easily access all of your videos + worksheets in one super convenient place from your smart phone, tablet, or pc.P.P.S.  Plus… I have a gift for you at the end of the course. For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server by…Refund Policy:  90 Days from date of purchase with the following terms…

I personally know that you’ll Get Happy, Healthy & Empowered if you show up and do the work. If you watch all the videos, do the exercises + worksheets, and you are not feeling happier, healthier and more empowered… I will happily refund your money.

However, you will be required to turn in all of your completed homework to me, which means that you’ll have to complete the entire course in order to get a refund.