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More About Julie Barnes | California Life CoachBy the time, I was 18… I had been sexually abused as a kid, became a teenage mother to Chris, got married and divorced from a physically and mentally abusive man.

The shame I carried from the abuse was debilitating on many levels.When I was 19… my life changed for the better. I met and later married an amazing man who also raised Chris as his own son. Ron and I are still together 24 years later.At 36…I became a grandmother to Aedan and later to Halle. Yay! I love being a grandma!

But my world was rocked 2 ½ years later, when two police officers knocked on our front door to notify us that Chris had taken his life. It’s a day I’ll never forget.

Struggling to pick up the pieces became a way of life.A couple of years later… we experienced our next set of losses when the turbulent economy hit the natural gas industry.  An industry where Ron has made a great living as a welder.

Paying our bills on time + having 6 months worth of savings didn’t save us from losing our home to foreclosure and filing for bankruptcy. As we watched the balance in our savings keep going down and no new work starting up… we were left with no choice.Trying to stay strong, but at the same time wondering what the hell is going to happen next and how much loss can a person take… the phone rang with a job offer.

So… we put our stuff in storage and moved full-time into our RV and traveled to Arkansas, where the pipeline work was starting up.During our time on the road, we lost our beloved dog, Hank… who had been a part of our family for 13 years. In fact, Chris and I went and picked him out.As I look back, the universe has a way of saving us and I am so grateful!

Because… I do believe I was headed for a nervous breakdown from not dealing with all that had happened.For two years… Ron and I traveled in our RV while working on natural gas compressor stations throughout the country. During that time, I saw more of the beautiful United States than I had my whole life.

We traveled through the ghosts towns of Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi. Once bustling towns, seemed to just dry up when the big chain stores opened nearby. While traveling through Oklahoma and Texas amazingly, the small towns are still booming only with smell of crude oil floating through the air.

Gazing at the beautiful mountains along the interstates of Colorado and Utah… watching the sunset on Mobile Bay in Alabama… while getting our kicks on Route 66 in Arizona… I got to spend precious time with Ron.There’s nothing like traveling and working on the open road. Immersing yourself in the local culture of your current location. From museums to art galleries. Even alligators. Yes, I did say alligators. While walking along the Suwanne River in Florida  it’s quite common to see alligators catching some rays. It’s also pretty common to see people swimming near them.

The locals say… if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. I found that a little hard to believe, but then again, the only alligator I ever saw growing up was on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and Marlin Perkins was usually wrestling it to the ground.Traveling the open was also the beginning of my healing journey.

I started on my journey to shine by taking better care of myself,  going to therapy, and working with coaches.

I began reading, listening, and  watching self-help gurus like Louis Hay, Wayne Dyer and Jennifer Nichole Lee. In fact, it was while reading Jennifer’s book “The Body, Mind & Soul Diet in Chapter 5 that I had my Oprah aha moment… that I should look at my experiences as gifts to inspire other women with,  like Jennifer does with her story.

The universe also showed me how important it is to step through any fear, stigma or shame that surrounds our stories and to share them… to be courage’s. Every time we share our stories, it brings forth to reality what we experienced. We are no longer hiding it or afraid to share about it.

It also opened my eyes too… that when people are courages enough to share their stories… they may change a life or save a life of a person that hears it and starts taking action to change their life.That is truly profound!

Today, Ron and I are doing better than ever.  We call sunny California home. Visiting California had always been a dream, but now…we live here. A dream come true.

And… I’ve found my calling through coaching women. After receiving training at the Life Purpose Institute and the Grief Coach Academy… today, I help women Claim Their Shine through one-on-one and self-study coaching programs.Here’s some other cool things about me…

I love reading… books and magazines.

I like to jam out to heavy metal music. _\../

I love art… everything from creating it, to going to galleries.

I like going on California adventures with Ron, anything from gold prospecting in the American River to spending the day in Napa wine tasting.


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