Meet Julie Barnes California based Certified Life Coach and Neuro-linguistic Practitioner

California – based Certified Life Coach and Neuro-linguistic Practitioner.My name is Julie Barnes, and I wasn’t always the Empowerment Ninja teaching women entrepreneurs how to go from fearful to fearless in 30 days or less.

I spent roughly fifteen years in a cubical… all day long, crunching numbers in the accounting department (you know the place… the black whole of corporate, where no one visits) for various companies while dreaming of one day starting my own business and double checking the clock  to see if it was five o’clock yet.

It was hell… don’t get me wrong… I loved the people I worked with but I always knew I was meant for entrepreneurship and sitting in my tiny cubical just flat made my stomach hurt.

What stopped me?Fear

I worried about everything from…

what will I do

what if I fail

what if I don’t like it

etc… etc… etc!I even did the math and estimated that I spent roughly 28,800 hours of my life doing something that I didn’t enjoy because of fear.

And then… I finally did it.

I ventured into entrepreneurship and started a virtual assistant business, but it just didn’t feel right, so I started freelance writing for print and online business publications.

And guess what I wrote about?

Yes… you guessed it.

Business and entrepreneurship. My youngest entrepreneur was just seven years old. I loved interviewing people and learning how they started a business from scratch and built a business.

I couldn’t believe it. I… was an entrepreneur.

And then it happened. The most painful, gut wrenching experience ever. I lost my son, Chris, to suicide.  I had barely heard the term before… let alone, know the warning signs. If you do not know the signs, PLEASE learn them HERE. It’s so important!!!!

Struggling to pick the pieces back up became a way of life.

I thank the universe every day for my amazing hubby, Ron.

He truly is my rock! Ron and I have been married nearly 25 years. We have been blessed to have each other in the good times and through loss, economic downturns, etc. We have cried together and laughed together.

Trying to stay strong and heal our souls, I decided to start traveling full-time with Ron, who is natural gas welder and travels for work.

We did a major downsizing, put the rest of our stuff in storage, then hit the road.  For two years… Ron and I traveled in our RV while Ron worked on natural gas compressor stations throughout the country and I continued to freelance write.

During that time, I saw more of the beautiful United States than I had my whole life. There is nothing like seeing this country from the open road in an rv! There is also nothing as healing as the open road for your soul.

Our travels took us to Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah and finally to California, where we currently call home. It’s always been my dream to come to California. (I still have to pinch myself.)

I also read a lot of self-help books during my travels. In fact… I was reading The Mind, Body & Soul Diet when I was totally inspired to become a coach.

It’s been a long journey!

This journey that brought me to coaching.One paved with lots of tears, personal growth and investing in myself.

All while crushing through my fears.

So… there you have it… the journey that lead me to becoming The Empowerment Ninja that  teaches women how to go from fearful to fearless in 30 days or less.If you’re reading this and struggling with your own fears… please know that I get you!

I would love nothing more than to take YOU from fearful to fearless!

Just remember… on the other side of fear is freedom. It’s there… just waiting for you to grab it.

Looking for the professional bio… here it is…

Julie Barnes is a California – based certified life coach and neuro-linguistic practitioner. She uses emotional freedom techniques to teach women entrepreneurs, like you,  to break free from fear of judgement and success, so that you can finally create the profitable business and life you deserve.

Julie’s writing has been featured on Tiny Buddha, Pick the Brain, What’s for Work, Identity Magazine, 12 Most and Open for Hope.

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