Finding Your Phoenix Moving Through Loss to Re-emerge into a Powerful New YOU

Moving Through Loss to Re-emerge into a Powerful New YOU!Moving Through Loss to Re-emerge into a Powerful New YOU!

Finding Your Phoenix ™ is a 4-week self study course for women who have experienced the heartbreak……of losing a loved one, a marriage or life as you knew it.Are you wondering who YOU are after all you’ve been through?Is the heartbreak and loss you’ve experienced going to be the “story” of your life?

Will you ever be happy again?What’s your  ”after” look like?

Or will you remain stuck in your life story of heartbreak and loss?

I know where you’re at and what you’re feeling. You’ve made it through the early stages of grief, lived through your first couple of years since the loss, but you’re still feeling stuck and having a hard time getting back into the swing of things.

That’s where I was just a few short years ago.

I lived through the unimaginable loss of my son Chris to suicide five years ago.I spent a lot of time in the haze of being stuck.

I just wanted someone that would understand what I had been through and could help me move forward, except I couldn’t find anyone.

But… it doesn’t have to be that way for you!  Because now you have me!

I’m here to show you… that there that there is an “after” to your story.That’s why I created Finding Your Phoenix: Moving Through Loss to Re-emerge into a Powerful New YOU!

It’s everything I did to Find My Phoenix and now you can too!

Don’t waste another day of your life feeling stuck, with no support system and not knowing what to do next to reclaim your life.

Finding Your Phoenix: Moving Through Loss to Re-emerge into a Powerful New YOU is a 4-week self study course that will leave you with a whole new way of being.

Week 1: It’s All About You and Your health!

You’ll start off by taking a look at your life in general. What areas are you most happy with and what areas you feel you would like to improve.  You’ll do this by completing the Claim Your Shine Life Wheel.

Then you’ll take a look at the major changes that have taken place in your life during the last 12 months. Major changes affect your stress level for a long period of time, which can affect your body in many ways, including illness. Stress can also impact your relationships, productivity and your overall peace of mind and feelings well-being.You’ll walk away with… a plan to get your life in balance and to get your health back in check.       Week 2: Learn to Say Yes to You and Forgive to Move Forward

You’ll look at how the heartbreak and loss you’ve experienced has been holding you back in life and what you need to change to put yourself first.

Then we’re going to talk about forgiveness and how important it is in moving forward. You’re also going to say goodbye to the past and move to the present.

Then you’re going take a look at where you need to let go… physically and emotionally. What old stuff are you hanging on to that needs to go?You’ll walk away with… a whole new way of feeling… physically and emotionally.    Week 3: Accepting the New Normal and Finding the Gifts

After experiencing heartbreak and loss, you’re world is turned upside down and things change. You’ll learn how accepting your new normal, as hard as it is, is actually one of the most powerful ways to move yourself forward.

You’ll also look for the gifts in your life. Experiencing such heartbreak and loss can leave you feeling like a victim, but it’s so important to kick that mindset to the curb and look for the gifts in your life. You may not think there is any, but believe me, you have some that you could share with the world.You’ll walk away with… excitement about your future.     Week 4: Getting Your Creativity On and the Power of Investing in YOU

You’ll learn how healing art is to your overall physiology and attitude, and then you’ll be creating some art. Don’t worry if you think you’re not artistic. Even the simple act of coloring in a coloring book can relax the body.

And finally,  you’ll learn how powerful investing in YOU is on your journey to your amazing new life.You’ll walk away with… a cool piece of art created by YOU and a customized investment plan to reach your exciting new goals.

The course is full of valuable resources and a book list to help you on your journey to a Powerful New YOU!

When you purchase  Finding Your Phoenix: Moving Through Loss to Re-emerge into a Powerful New YOU.

You’ll get the complete Finding Your Phoenix: Moving Through Loss to Re-emerge into a Powerful New YOU as a downloadable pdf .

Each week will include two powerful core lessons along with exercises for you to do that will have you writing your after story  in no time!

And the cool thing is… You’ll now have new tools that you can use over and over.  You’ll be able to listen to the audios, download the worksheets and do your own monthly check-ins to keep you on track for the rest of your life.Do you need extra support?Great! Choose the Gold Package when checking out.  Once you purchase the course, you’ll receive a 1 hour Skype Session with me, so that you can get your plan in action and start implementing and changing your life immediately.   If this is for you… be sure to choose the Gold Package when checking out to get the 1 hour Skype session!Here’s what else you need to know…

To get the most out of the course, you should plan on spending a couple of hours a week on the lessons and completing the worksheets. If you read the books from the reading list.. plan on adding more time. BUT remember, that you are investing in YOU and your future.

“There you have it… all of the details for Finding Your Phoenix: Moving Through Loss to Re-emerge into a  Powerful New YOU!”

Download the entire digital program and get instant access NOW!1/2 Price

Fourth of July sale.  Sales ends soon, so get started today!

For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server by…Need a payment plan? Click on the option below and pay in 2 easy installments.2 Pay ~ Payment Plan

Refund Policy:  90 Days from date of purchase with the following terms…

I personally know that you’ll be Finding YOUR Phoenix if YOU show up and do the work. If you listen to all the audios, do the exercises + worksheets,  read and watch the extra resources, and you are not ready to start the next chapter of your life… I will happily refund your money.

However, you will be required to turn in all of your completed homework to me, which means that you’ll have to complete the entire course in order to get a refund.


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