Are You Leaving The House Looking Like That

Are You Leaving The House Looking Like That?

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Suzanne Evan’s and Larry Winget’s event “Shut Up, Stop Whining & Make Money” in Phoenix. Suzanne went from secretary to million dollar business owner in just under five years by mastering her skills through plain old hard work.

Larry is best known as the World’s First Irrational Speaker and has in fact trademarked it. Larry is also known for his no nonsense approach to life stating quite often… “Your life is your own dam fault”.  Which he also noted… doesn’t usually sit well with the people that need to hear it the most.

The event was packed full of all kinds of entrepreneurs… coaches, photographers, designers and more. Throughout the weekend we had to do exercises that required a lot of stepping over any fear. One in particular, was giving a 60 second pitch while being judged, not to mention both Larry and Suzanne were in the room when I did my pitch. After our pitch, we got to watch everyone else in our room, which leads to this week’s article.

Are You Leaving The House Looking Like That?

To prepare for the 60 second pitch, we were told to show back up after dinner ready to go wearing our “brand” and that if we felt like we needed to change, then by all means, change. It was amazing to see how many entrepreneurs showed up looking like it was a Sunday. You know the days were you just kind of don’t feel like getting all glammed up.

You know… a sweats pants day. In fact some didn’t even look like they had brushed their hair. And the amazing thing is a lot of them were coaches. I was sitting there thinking to myself… how can you “sell” happiness and joy, when your outer appearance “screams” sad and depressed?

Larry and Suzanne even noted this the next morning and reminded us how important our brand image is.Whether were entrepreneurs, business owners, stay at moms or housewives, we are all wearing a brand. It’s how we present ourselves to the world. Mine happens to be full of sparkles and heals. When I’m  rocking my brand, it boost my confidence and makes me feel kick ass.So stop and think how you’re presenting your brand to the world. And if you’re in need of a brand update, here are a few ideas.

Get a new doo.

I love getting my hair done. Nothing kicks ass more than leaving the hair salon after Jessica, my amazing hair stylist, has rocked a new doo for me.Update you’re makeup. Are you still wearing that purple from 1984? You can go to Nordstrom’s or Sephora to get a makeover or if you want a more personalized service find a local Mary Kay or Avon lady. They’ll even come to your home.A rockin new outfit.  When is the last time you went shopping for you? It can be easy to put you last on the list, but it’s time to put yourself first. Call a girlfriend and make it a fun girl’s day.

Remember…it’s not just about your brand, it’s about Claiming Your Shine! And putting you first is a very important part of that!Now…get your calendar out and schedule your YOU day!

And if you find an amazing pair of shoes, jump over to Facebook and share a picture of them. and If you need improvement health and a good sleep with mattress – click here

To Your Shine!


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