Are You Leaving The House Looking Like That

Are You Leaving The House Looking Like That?

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Suzanne Evan’s and Larry Winget’s event “Shut Up, Stop Whining & Make Money” in Phoenix. Suzanne went from secretary to million dollar business owner in just under five years by mastering her skills through plain old hard work.

Larry is best known as the World’s First Irrational Speaker and has in fact trademarked it. Larry is also known for his no nonsense approach to life stating quite often… “Your life is your own dam fault”.  Which he also noted… doesn’t usually sit well with the people that need to hear it the most.

The event was packed full of all kinds of entrepreneurs… coaches, photographers, designers and more. Throughout the weekend we had to do exercises that required a lot of stepping over any fear. One in particular, was giving a 60 second pitch while being judged, not to mention both Larry and Suzanne were in the room when I did my pitch. After our pitch, we got to watch everyone else in our room, which leads to this week’s article.

Are You Leaving The House Looking Like That?

To prepare for the 60 second pitch, we were told to show back up after dinner ready to go wearing our “brand” and that if we felt like we needed to change, then by all means, change. It was amazing to see how many entrepreneurs showed up looking like it was a Sunday. You know the days were you just kind of don’t feel like getting all glammed up.

You know… a sweats pants day. In fact some didn’t even look like they had brushed their hair. And the amazing thing is a lot of them were coaches. I was sitting there thinking to myself… how can you “sell” happiness and joy, when your outer appearance “screams” sad and depressed?

Larry and Suzanne even noted this the next morning and reminded us how important our brand image is.Whether were entrepreneurs, business owners, stay at moms or housewives, we are all wearing a brand. It’s how we present ourselves to the world. Mine happens to be full of sparkles and heals. When I’m  rocking my brand, it boost my confidence and makes me feel kick ass.So stop and think how you’re presenting your brand to the world. And if you’re in need of a brand update, here are a few ideas.

Get a new doo.

I love getting my hair done. Nothing kicks ass more than leaving the hair salon after Jessica, my amazing hair stylist, has rocked a new doo for me.Update you’re makeup. Are you still wearing that purple from 1984? You can go to Nordstrom’s or Sephora to get a makeover or if you want a more personalized service find a local Mary Kay or Avon lady. They’ll even come to your home.A rockin new outfit.  When is the last time you went shopping for you? It can be easy to put you last on the list, but it’s time to put yourself first. Call a girlfriend and make it a fun girl’s day.

Remember…it’s not just about your brand, it’s about Claiming Your Shine! And putting you first is a very important part of that!Now…get your calendar out and schedule your YOU day!

And if you find an amazing pair of shoes, jump over to Facebook and share a picture of them. and If you need improvement health and a good sleep with mattress – click here

To Your Shine!


Meet Julie Barnes California based Certified Life Coach and Neuro-linguistic Practitioner

California – based Certified Life Coach and Neuro-linguistic Practitioner.My name is Julie Barnes, and I wasn’t always the Empowerment Ninja teaching women entrepreneurs how to go from fearful to fearless in 30 days or less.

I spent roughly fifteen years in a cubical… all day long, crunching numbers in the accounting department (you know the place… the black whole of corporate, where no one visits) for various companies while dreaming of one day starting my own business and double checking the clock  to see if it was five o’clock yet.

It was hell… don’t get me wrong… I loved the people I worked with but I always knew I was meant for entrepreneurship and sitting in my tiny cubical just flat made my stomach hurt.

What stopped me?Fear

I worried about everything from…

what will I do

what if I fail

what if I don’t like it

etc… etc… etc!I even did the math and estimated that I spent roughly 28,800 hours of my life doing something that I didn’t enjoy because of fear.

And then… I finally did it.

I ventured into entrepreneurship and started a virtual assistant business, but it just didn’t feel right, so I started freelance writing for print and online business publications.

And guess what I wrote about?

Yes… you guessed it.

Business and entrepreneurship. My youngest entrepreneur was just seven years old. I loved interviewing people and learning how they started a business from scratch and built a business.

I couldn’t believe it. I… was an entrepreneur.

And then it happened. The most painful, gut wrenching experience ever. I lost my son, Chris, to suicide.  I had barely heard the term before… let alone, know the warning signs. If you do not know the signs, PLEASE learn them HERE. It’s so important!!!!

Struggling to pick the pieces back up became a way of life.

I thank the universe every day for my amazing hubby, Ron.

He truly is my rock! Ron and I have been married nearly 25 years. We have been blessed to have each other in the good times and through loss, economic downturns, etc. We have cried together and laughed together.

Trying to stay strong and heal our souls, I decided to start traveling full-time with Ron, who is natural gas welder and travels for work.

We did a major downsizing, put the rest of our stuff in storage, then hit the road.  For two years… Ron and I traveled in our RV while Ron worked on natural gas compressor stations throughout the country and I continued to freelance write.

During that time, I saw more of the beautiful United States than I had my whole life. There is nothing like seeing this country from the open road in an rv! There is also nothing as healing as the open road for your soul.

Our travels took us to Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah and finally to California, where we currently call home. It’s always been my dream to come to California. (I still have to pinch myself.)

I also read a lot of self-help books during my travels. In fact… I was reading The Mind, Body & Soul Diet when I was totally inspired to become a coach.

It’s been a long journey!

This journey that brought me to coaching.One paved with lots of tears, personal growth and investing in myself.

All while crushing through my fears.

So… there you have it… the journey that lead me to becoming The Empowerment Ninja that  teaches women how to go from fearful to fearless in 30 days or less.If you’re reading this and struggling with your own fears… please know that I get you!

I would love nothing more than to take YOU from fearful to fearless!

Just remember… on the other side of fear is freedom. It’s there… just waiting for you to grab it.

Looking for the professional bio… here it is…

Julie Barnes is a California – based certified life coach and neuro-linguistic practitioner. She uses emotional freedom techniques to teach women entrepreneurs, like you,  to break free from fear of judgement and success, so that you can finally create the profitable business and life you deserve.

Julie’s writing has been featured on Tiny Buddha, Pick the Brain, What’s for Work, Identity Magazine, 12 Most and Open for Hope.

What We Could All Learn From Angelina Jolie

What We Could All Learn From Angelina Jolie

I was reading Angelina’s op-ed piece in the New York Times, on her decision to have a double mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer. The fact that she shared her story was both courageous and inspiring.

Why did she want to share her story and not keep it private?

A move that’s been called heroic by many.She knew that by stepping through any fear or stigma that surrounds the “C” word… she would not only inspire women to take action and be proactive with their health, but to also shed light about the genetic testing and the resources available for women.

Just like the cancer word strikes fear in people, causing them to shut down at the mere mention, so does the word suicide.

There are people out there who tend to believe … if you don’t talk about it or act like it happens, then surely it will not happen to them.

This became very evident to me after losing my son, Chris, to suicide.I never knew anyone personally, who had experienced the loss of family or friends to suicide.

Yes, I had heard the word and knew what it meant, but I never heard anyone openly talk about it.

A few months after losing Chris, I heard about the upcoming Suicide Awareness Remembrance Walk to be held in downtown Kansas City and that the event would be emceed by one of the local news anchors.I thought to myself… Ron (my husband) and I have to go to this. The more people that show up… the better chance of the media airing coverage of the walk that will bring awareness of the resources available in the Kansas City area for suicide prevention.

When September rolled around, Ron was working out of town, so I went on my own. When I pulled up to the park where the event was being held, my mouth dropped open and my heart skipped a beat at the hundreds of people there.I just couldn’t believe it.

How could there be so many people affected by something no one ever talks about.I sobbed the whole walk.

When the walk was over, I was talking with a lady… I’ll never forget this… who had lost several family members to suicide. After losing the last family member, she called her boss and ask to take a week’s vacation. He said sure… have a great time and enjoy your week off.She never told him that she had just lost a family member to suicide and would be spending the week making funeral plans while also dealing with her own grief.

She said, she went back to work the following week like nothing ever happened, while her boss thought that she had went out of town on a fun trip.

I was just blown away by this.I’m often asked what brought me to coaching.

When I share that losing my son to suicide and working through my grief, empowered me to want to help other women on their life journey, it’s amazing how many people open up and share a story of their own loss with me… reminding me everyday… how important it is to step through any fear, shame, or stigma because it shows other people that it’s OK to talk about our life experiences… whether it’s a loss, abuse, or illness.

For the people that cringe at the word suicide, remember this…Suicide affects all income levels, all education levels, all types of families, all spiritualities and religions.

Every 40 seconds…someone dies by suicide.

22 veterans die each day by their own hands.

In 2012, 349 active members of the armed forces took their own lives.And the latest suicide statistics show an increase in baby boomers taking their lives, due to various reasons, like job loss, economic worry and easy access to prescription painkillers, with a 50 percent increase in men in their 50′s and nearly 60 percent in women ages 60 to 64. But the true numbers will never be known, because… suicides are under reported.We could all learn a great lesson from Angelina Jolie by being courageous and sharing our stories and the resources available, because they may change a life or save a life.What do you have to share?

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)Military Crises Line 1-800-273-8255

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More About Julie Barnes California Life Coach Womens Empowerment Coach

More About Julie Barnes | California Life CoachBy the time, I was 18… I had been sexually abused as a kid, became a teenage mother to Chris, got married and divorced from a physically and mentally abusive man.

The shame I carried from the abuse was debilitating on many levels.When I was 19… my life changed for the better. I met and later married an amazing man who also raised Chris as his own son. Ron and I are still together 24 years later.At 36…I became a grandmother to Aedan and later to Halle. Yay! I love being a grandma!

But my world was rocked 2 ½ years later, when two police officers knocked on our front door to notify us that Chris had taken his life. It’s a day I’ll never forget.

Struggling to pick up the pieces became a way of life.A couple of years later… we experienced our next set of losses when the turbulent economy hit the natural gas industry.  An industry where Ron has made a great living as a welder.

Paying our bills on time + having 6 months worth of savings didn’t save us from losing our home to foreclosure and filing for bankruptcy. As we watched the balance in our savings keep going down and no new work starting up… we were left with no choice.Trying to stay strong, but at the same time wondering what the hell is going to happen next and how much loss can a person take… the phone rang with a job offer.

So… we put our stuff in storage and moved full-time into our RV and traveled to Arkansas, where the pipeline work was starting up.During our time on the road, we lost our beloved dog, Hank… who had been a part of our family for 13 years. In fact, Chris and I went and picked him out.As I look back, the universe has a way of saving us and I am so grateful!

Because… I do believe I was headed for a nervous breakdown from not dealing with all that had happened.For two years… Ron and I traveled in our RV while working on natural gas compressor stations throughout the country. During that time, I saw more of the beautiful United States than I had my whole life.

We traveled through the ghosts towns of Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi. Once bustling towns, seemed to just dry up when the big chain stores opened nearby. While traveling through Oklahoma and Texas amazingly, the small towns are still booming only with smell of crude oil floating through the air.

Gazing at the beautiful mountains along the interstates of Colorado and Utah… watching the sunset on Mobile Bay in Alabama… while getting our kicks on Route 66 in Arizona… I got to spend precious time with Ron.There’s nothing like traveling and working on the open road. Immersing yourself in the local culture of your current location. From museums to art galleries. Even alligators. Yes, I did say alligators. While walking along the Suwanne River in Florida  it’s quite common to see alligators catching some rays. It’s also pretty common to see people swimming near them.

The locals say… if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. I found that a little hard to believe, but then again, the only alligator I ever saw growing up was on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and Marlin Perkins was usually wrestling it to the ground.Traveling the open was also the beginning of my healing journey.

I started on my journey to shine by taking better care of myself,  going to therapy, and working with coaches.

I began reading, listening, and  watching self-help gurus like Louis Hay, Wayne Dyer and Jennifer Nichole Lee. In fact, it was while reading Jennifer’s book “The Body, Mind & Soul Diet in Chapter 5 that I had my Oprah aha moment… that I should look at my experiences as gifts to inspire other women with,  like Jennifer does with her story.

The universe also showed me how important it is to step through any fear, stigma or shame that surrounds our stories and to share them… to be courage’s. Every time we share our stories, it brings forth to reality what we experienced. We are no longer hiding it or afraid to share about it.

It also opened my eyes too… that when people are courages enough to share their stories… they may change a life or save a life of a person that hears it and starts taking action to change their life.That is truly profound!

Today, Ron and I are doing better than ever.  We call sunny California home. Visiting California had always been a dream, but now…we live here. A dream come true.

And… I’ve found my calling through coaching women. After receiving training at the Life Purpose Institute and the Grief Coach Academy… today, I help women Claim Their Shine through one-on-one and self-study coaching programs.Here’s some other cool things about me…

I love reading… books and magazines.

I like to jam out to heavy metal music. _\../

I love art… everything from creating it, to going to galleries.

I like going on California adventures with Ron, anything from gold prospecting in the American River to spending the day in Napa wine tasting.